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We provide pool and spa inspections for both buyers and sellers

It’s important to arrange for an expert evaluation of the condition of the pool, spa or hot tub. Just like a house typically undergoes a professional inspection before escrow closes, so, too, should a pool, spa and its supporting components. 

A thorough pool inspection should assure a potential buyer of several key issues, ranging from the elevation of the deck surface to the functionality of its components.

Your Pool and Spa inspector will look at the following components of pool and spa:

Safety features that meet local requirements- An inspection will determine if a pool complies with local safety regulations, which vary state to state and from municipality to municipality. Our pool inspector is well-versed in all local regulations. 

Physical conditions of the pool structure, interior and materials on the decking- The inspector will look for wear and tear, deterioration and can identify and assess the necessity and likely cost of making repairs or replacing certain materials. Our inspector will look beyond what we may see everyday like grout between the stones in the rock waterfall or uneven spots in the deck. 

Equipment- The inspector will look at the line-up and condition of the equipment that runs your potential new pool. Now, during a pool inspection you can’t take equipment apart but we turn on all of the systems, and observe them at work. They will check if the parts on each component are secure and listen for any noises that are unusual and that could point to mechanical issues.

Other features- If the pool has other optional design, comfort, and convenience features and upgrades, our inspector will review them thoroughly. Whether it’s tanning ledge or alternative purification system, we will check the condition of components.

If you find the ideal home with a pool already in place, be smart about obtaining a full evaluation. With all of the intricacies involved in assessing the condition of a swimming pool, conducting a comprehensive evaluation without the help of a pool inspector can challenging.

By engaging a trained inspector or pool professional, you will get an expert’s highly valuable advice. You can relax, knowing that any mandated safety features are in place. You will be confident that the physical components are in good shape and that major equipment systems are in working order.

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